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We understand that your service is unique and so we spend time to create designs that are unique, and represent your brand in a ways not quite like anything else.

At Fintey Consulting Services we think of new, creative ideas to accelerate your business. Level-up and be ahead of your competitors – don’t follow behind. You have a great business idea. We are here to boost it to achieve the best success.

Naming is an important, yet daunting process. A great name must be snappy, unique and relevant.

More than words – it’s an emotional connection to your customers. A name they’d be proud to recommend onto friends and family.

Which package is right for you?

  • My ‘Starter Pack’ is great value, with .com and social media handles.
  • Want to launch a company? Get the ‘Ultra Company Pack’.
  • For the full-combo, get the ‘Premium Company & TM Pack’ – with company & trademark check.

Match your name on all platforms with ‘Super Social’ (e.g. has @NiceExample on Twitter). Includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok (New!), Pinterest & YouTube!

Want the shortest name possible? With ‘Short & Sweet’, you’ll get abstract 5-character names with .com availability.

Ready? Let create the best name for your brand or business.

We will design an SVG Vector logo for your business or brand

We have an in house professional graphic designers, ready to create an amazing visual identity for your brand, business or product.

We use the latest tools including Adobe Illustrator 2020, as well as years of experience to design the best logo for your business.

Your logo will include:

  • Colour, black, & white versions
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Premium font selections (as outlines) from Adobe Fonts and
  • High-resolution PNG for desktop & print.
  • Fully-scalable SVG vector that looks clean and crisp, at any size!

We offer the services separately from each other and our prospective client can also order for the both base on there needs and budget as at the time they are ordering.


  • Tall & Wide – I will design both a tall and wide version.
  • Social Media Pack – A profile picture and cover photo for Facebook, Twitter & more.
  • 3D Mockups – Either a 3D logo on a background, or a signage/product mockup.
  • Stationery Designs – A professional letterhead and business card.
  • Layered Logo – I will present your logo in an easy to edit, layered AI file.
  • Glorious Guide – A set of guidelines, so your brand can be clean and consistent.

For Amazing Brand Name and Graphics Designing

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